Vibrant surfaces within a delicate look

Via Napoleone
Milan, Italy

Nach unten scrollen

Light, bright and modern is how the store presents itself in the fashion metropolis of Milan. Its new interior design relies on delicate-looking cabinets, chosen individual pieces and careful use of lighting. This enables the furniture to fade into the background, leaving it to the fashion to play the starring role. The flooring is also discreet: oak parquet provides an unobtrusive contrast to the warm cherrywood.

The challenges

Wall units with in-built cabinets are the main feature of this interior design. They were finished with a very complex surface structure by a design studio in Paris, creating a striking effect which has made a lasting impression on us. Having the wall units finished in France required additional and very accurate process planning and logistics.

Hermès - Mailand, Italien Hermès - Mailand, Italien Hermès - Mailand, Italien Hermès - Mailand, Italien

Designed by Rena Dumas
Agence d’architecture, d’architecture intérieure et de design
13 Rue du Mail, 75002 Paris France