Luxury Boutique

Inspired by nature

Ala Moana Center
Honolulu, USA

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An impressive orchestration of space, playing with the impact of height and depth. The most striking elements: five-metre-high ceilings and metal panels with carved ornamental leaves inspired by the lush Hawaiian vegetation. Brushed cherrywood veneer and curved wooden panels direct the gaze back into the room and towards the displays.

Luxury Boutique Honolulu
Luxury Boutique Honolulu

Designed by Rena Dumas
Agence d’architecture, d’architecture intérieure et de design
13 Rue du Mail, 75002 Paris France

The challenges

What appears to be so simple required extremely precise craftsmanship. The sheer range of shapes within the design meant a high level of expertise to achieve clean finishes where the panels meet the ceiling and the floor.

Luxury Boutique - Honolulu, USA Luxury Boutique - Honolulu, USA Luxury Boutique - Honolulu, USA